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Dawn: New Tab Dashboard

"Transform your New Tab
Transform your Life"

Transform your New Tab page into a dashboard with cards that help you seize each day to the fullest. Which cards you want to pick and how you position them is up to you.

😊 Positive Thinking

This card prompts you for a thought of gratitude, pride, or happiness, accumulating a collection of uplifting thoughts.

🧘🏽 Your Daily Mantra

Begin each day with empowering words. This card provides a space for affirmations, with daily AI-generated variations.

📝 Morning Routine + Todos

Compile a routine of tasks for each morning, and add any to-dos for the day. Tasks can be rearranged and marked as done.

🌦️ Weather

Weather information for the coming 24 hours and up to the next 14 days, including temperature, precipitation, and conditions.

✏️ The X-effect

Establish and track new habits over 49 days. Mark each successful day and keep the streak alive.

📆 Day Counters

Track progress in breaking bad habits, with customizable titles, start dates and backgrounds.

🎯 Long-Term Goals and Dreams

Track all your ambitions and mark them as 'In Progress', 'Pending', or 'Achieved' with dynamic visual cues.

🖼️ Vision Board

Using images, visualize two futures based on your choices; a good one and a bad one, and see your potential paths unfold.

💭 Daily Reflective Prompt

Daily thought-provoking questions for self-discovery and personal growth. Jot down your thoughts and revisit them anytime.

🔗 Links

Display essential website links and organize them effortlessly with a simple drag and drop.

📆 Calendar

Embed your Google Calendar for an overview of daily tasks without leaving the dashboard.